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All massage sessions reflect the actual hands-on time. 

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

 45 mins - $89 | 60 mins - $109 | 90 mins - $169   


​​Relaxes the mind, body & soul with long gliding techniques. Helps to improve circulation, stimulate lymph flow & assist in removing metabolic waste. It also helps to relieve soreness, enhance mental clarity and overall well being. The perfect massage for overall stress management! Customizable based on your wellness goals. 

Includes steamed towels, therapeutic hot stones and sugar foot scrub as needed.


Therapeutic Deep Tissue Release

 45 mins - $89 | 60 mins - $109 | 90 mins - $169   


 Addresses muscle tension in deeper layers of muscle. A highly effective method for relieving chronic pain and muscle tension. Trigger point, neuromuscular & myofascial techniques may be utilized. May also include cupping for myofascial restrictions and scar tissue as needed. Your massage is conducive to your comfort level, communicate with your pressure tolerance with your therapist. Customizable based on your wellness goals.

Includes steamed towels, therapeutic hot stones and sugar foot scrub as needed.


Assisted Stretch Therapy

 *30 mins - $69 

Yoga Pose

Assisted stretch sessions are very effective and in my opinion amazing! Stretching increases flexibility, reduces joint pain, corrects posture and improves athletic performance. A highly effective method for relieving joint pain, stiffness and muscle tension. Your stretch session is conducive to your comfort level and current range of motion. Communicate your comfort level with your with your therapist. For optimal results, receive Stretch therapy following your massage.
*30 minute option is an add on to massage service. Please note: Bring athletic type clothing (bike shorts, sweat pants etc.) and a pair of socks.

Renewal Aromatherapy Massage 

 60 mins $129   90 mins - $199   

treatments 2.jpg

A unique experience that takes you on a journey to self-renewal! Our Signature Renewal massage begins with a stimulating scalp massage and ends with a Restorative Peppermint Clay Mask foot treatment. Includes Scented Body Buttercream that can be customized, Organic Sugar back Scrub, Steamed Towel treatment and Aromatherapy diffused for the ultimate renewal experience! 

Chose from: Hibiscus Rose, Almond Essence, Island Mint Medley, Fresh Cut Lemongrass, West Indian Lavender, Jasmine Addiction, Carib Coconut

Warm Stone Massage

 60 mins - $129   90 mins - $199


Heated stones and your choice of our handcrafted whipped cocoa-shea body butter or herbal infused massage oil are used to massage your aches and pains away! Warm stones effectively penetrate deeper into muscle fibers and release stress and tension without the need for deep pressure. Benefits include increased circulation, relief from chronic pain and deep relaxation. Includes your choice of diffused aromatherapy essential oil.

Himalayan Rose Massage

60 mins - $139   90 mins - $219 

Salt and Rose_edited.jpg

Experience the ultimate pampering self-care massage! An invigorating massage with Hibiscus rose oil diffused and added to body buttercream. A warm Himalayan rose mud mask is applied to your back followed by steamed towels. After the towels are removed, warm Himalayan salt stones are used to massaged your back. Includes a Himalayan rose salt foot scrub removed with steamed towels. If booked on Feb 13th, or 14th enjoy a complimentary self-care giftbag while supplies last! 

 Immune Boost Lymphatic Massage

 45 mins - $99    60 mins - $119     


Lymphatic Massage, also know as Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle massage which speeds up the removal of toxins and cellular waste from the body. It also reduces inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain. Includes arnica infused oil and optional red light therapy add on. For best results multiple sessions are highly recommended depending on your goals.

 Cupping Therapy

 60 mins - $129    90 mins - $199     

sports cupping.png

Ideal for athletes or any one who has chronic pain or desire to improve mobility. Cupping addresses strains, sore muscles, aches and pain. Cupping therapy can help the body heal faster and decrease recovery time. Cupping massage as well as stationary cupping are utilized to release myofascial restrictions, increase blood flow and increase range of motionMay include light passive stretching as needed.


Prenatal Massage

Relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Beneficial in bringing forth balance with hormonal changes. Prenatal Massage can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

 60 mins - $129    90 mins - $199     

Spa Towels with Flower

Steamed Towels
on back

Hot stone back massage

Warm Stones
on back

scrub 1.jpg

Sugar Scrub
on feet

added to cream


sugar scrub.jpg

Organic Sugar
back scrub


foot mask green.jpg

Himalayan Rose Clay Mask
foot treatment

Salt rose scrub.jpg

Himalayan Rose Salt Scrub
foot treatment

salt stones.webp

Warm Himalayan Salt Stones 
on back

mud mask 2.jpg

Himalayan Rose Clay Mask
back treatment


Warming Sore Muscle cream 

red light.jpg

Infrared Light

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